Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ride. Red. Flowers. Frenchie.

And this is what I wore to the event. The dress was my latest wardrobe purchase, in 2009 I think. It is pretty comfortable to ride in and even has side pockets to store your ID and lipstick. I purchased it in some store (maybe Jcrew or anthropologie they all look the same to me) in Marin, and typically I tear out the tags. Who needs them.
So next time you debate what to wear to a fancy event, and bring your bicycle as well - Don't youdoubt that you cant wear what you want and ride around all over the city!

Steep hills, late nights, work bags, high heels. Ride baby, Ride.
Get out and do it. There is nothing to it!
Thanks for the photo J.

'Til next year Golden Wheel Awards!!
what i wore to the golden wheels this year
ride. red. flowers. frenchie.


  1. you look fabulous! I love dresses with pockets. :)

  2. Red rose in the basket and you are ready for the paparazzi. ;)

  3. ♥thanks san!! :D

    sean/ chase them til they love you!


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