Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hola. This is me, and I am in your interwebs.

Hola all. Momentum chose one of the pics taken by Carrie Cizauskas in North Beach for the little insert inside the May/June issue of Momentum magazine. Very cool little cover piece. Frenchie super star at its finest, on Green near Grant streets.
♥My sincere thanks y gracias!!

I was, as usual chatting it up with this guy, then I thought he was looking it at me as if he knew something, he goes "is this you?!" then we all started being silly.
Thought I'd share these pictures, it was a very funny moment :D

It was great to meet the volunteers at the Silicon Valley Bike Coalition back in May when we rode to the Maker Faire, especially Sue (Hello pretty!) and Carlos. And thanks for wanting to take my picture, with a picture of me. I was cracking up.

San Mateo, May 2010 – Photo: Maker Faire by Carlos Babcock

The missionmission peeps also posted a little picture. That was nice – Gracias! :D
(and they got little freebie blinkies!!)
.xxo♥ me+Frenchie


  1. I love the pale yellow dress.

  2. Hola you! Teh interwebs like your hat w/feather.

  3. that is too cute that they recognized you :) you look amazing in that ad! <3 very pretty

  4. thanks oldfool! it is mostly linen, so weather friendly :D

    JRA/ he hee thanks!

    ramona/ gracias corazón +las fotos también -besos

    la spsace rider/ mil gracias muñeca, es super vintage de los 60s

    san/ yea, it was def. very sweet! thx luv!

  5. ohh meli love those Bike to work bag.. wish i had one.. :(.

    u look great :)

  6. thanks so much riezal as always is great to have you <3
    happy riding!!


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