Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Un momentum, por favor.

While we are talking about Momentum Magazine, please make sure you check out what's happening on the bike lane in San Francisco, in the latest column I shot/wrote for this month's May/June issue.
I'm quite stoked that it gets the center spread. Once I get my camera back, I'll take a decent picture of the magazine's paper issue, unless any of you got any scans of it(?). Well, here is the online version, for your bike-eye-candy on a Tuesday morning :D
May/June 2010 What To Wear»
by me.

Momentum May/June
The beautiful Brenda.
Read more, click on the article link/photo above.


  1. I guess they recognize talent!

  2. Great job, Meli! Keep up the good work!!

    Peace :)

  3. Nice Meli! I'm going to subscibe to Momentum and get their printed magazine.

  4. oh coolnesss :D im sure ull love ittt!

    justine/ she is pretty styling!! <3


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