Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's 7AM somewhere: Gooo México!!

From a friendly game in Oakland in 2009 – México vs. Paraguay

By now, we are out in town somewhere with World Cup fever, watching the 7AM PST México vs. Uruguay game. I hope someone takes pictures because my planB camera that I am currently using, its battery lasts for about 3 nanoseconds. Here is two guys in the meantime in some serenate session for the Frenchie, instead of blazing those guitars for el TRI!!
Frenchie linda y queridaaaaa
And they suspiciously look pretty similar to two trolls that will be cheering for the fútbol in the early AMs.... One is armed with coffee, the other with tea – and they speak funny spanglish with acronyms and all. Uffff....


  1. Jeje justo ayer estuvimos viendo el partido España-Honduras.Suerte a Méjico en el Mundial :-D

  2. #VIVAMEXICOCABRONES! heehee. too bad about france...and that game isn't even over yet. k, thx for playeeng.

    enough typing...back to the game!

  3. josh+lola/ buena suerte con la roja!! mi compañero de trabajo canta por la roja, y yo por el tri :D

    ctx+esteban/ dang today was painful but we still beat FR!! +qualifyyy
    y que!! ESOOOOOOOO <3


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