Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Photos del día: Bikes and bits of luv.

Sent by Eric:
Laurent-Archambaud-SL37 Compact Prestige
Laurent-Archambaud-SL37 Compact Prestige by cyclecrank

Sent by Matt:

Sent by Santa Fe's greatest fan, Jon C:
(+thanks for the picture of the Agfa Isollete, so cool!)

Dan dedicates this PUBLIC blog post to someone with a coffee addiction...
Espress lane: Baristas and Bicycles»


  1. I saw your recent adventurous encounter with Skankgirl, and was wondering if the bike-by-groper had made it to San Francisco yet? (See Bike Snob's latest, if that doesn't ring any bells).

    Hope your week is still on track, as you like it!

  2. Hey have you ever guys tried biking in South America. I have a friend of mine who crossed from Argentina to Venezuela. He told me that it's amazing!

  3. oh thanks tinker/ no, no groper encounters *eeew...
    +thanks for your comments as always <3

    central/ i havent biked further than the south of mexico, but would LOVE to!! keep me posted with any of your adventures ok! :D


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