Wednesday, June 30, 2010


My good friend Stephen gave me a lift a couple of weeks ago. We were both about 50 miles away from the City, and it was a treat to chat with a friend, have our bikes in the back, and not leave work 1.5+hrs before to catch CalTrain or a time-restricted Bus or BART. I'm fine with that once in a blue moon.
I wanted to show off the fact this is built-by-Stephen. He made the rack himself. I know nothing about cars/sport racks, but if you can make something yourself and it involves bikes or food (better yet, both), I am all for it.
Here are some shots of his super fancy road bike, a pimped out Litespeed with Dura Ace included, and my retrolicious smurfette.

stephen's truck
stephen's truck
stephen's truck

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