Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Riding with the band of outsiders.

If you are a 1960's film fan, you have perhaps seen this Godard film. If you are a mixte, frenchie lover like I am, the first thing you notice 5 minutes in the film Bande à Part, is Anna Karina's beautiful bicycle.
The one thing that I am quite pleased, is the curvy top tube of that distinguished Motobeacane mixte characteristic, that she happens to be riding, a direct family member bicyclette of my Frenchie. The 60's call me. And a generation of my steel beauty's family of assembly, was once ridden by France's hottest New Wave actress in that decade.

faire du vélo

both pictures found/used CC via Flickr: bellefox rendezvous

Ultimately, this movie is a close visual parallel between me and my two housemates. Of course there is the scene where they all need to take off somewhere, and the 2 guys just throw her bike in the car's trunk. Except that, last time that happened was in 2005.... ja jaa

Ratta, ICE, moi.

This for David.
"Jusqu'au bout du hasard"

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