Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"This might never happen again"

mustache y tattoos
mustache y bikes

The other day while roaming Marin with two of my non-bikey best friends (is there such a thing? If so, I have 2 exceptions then) we went past this ride of mustache bike pirates on 4th street. They had gathered by Broken Drum Brewery and it looked as if they had taken off, looked like a super fun group. Somehow they got to see my arm and my camera and one of the guys yelled:
"YEAAAA PICTURES!!! - cuz this might never happen again!!"
"Yeah!! This might never happen again"
San Rafael
on 4th. San Rafael.
RAD. Oh bikey peeps. We all speak the universal language of awesomeness. Well, let's hope this ride does repeat, because I need to know about it and bring my SF posse up there. Wheels and mustaches included. kthx.
Anyone know these cool cats?! Pass this along. This was taken over Memorial Day Weekend (the Sunday of)


  1. right!!
    will keep you posted if we do ride up there for the mustache-brewery bike ride at some point :D


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