Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Barista week: In the epicenter of the universe

♥This week, I will be featuring photos of some of my favorite baristas around town.
focused on the super yummy coffee for me.
May 2, 2010
La meligrosa

I've got plenty of spots to hit in the early mornings, but I will begin this mini-series, with one spot that has yet to have a flaw. Kicking the 4th of July weekend, just right this spot is a must.
thank you! <3

Epicenter cafe
location: Harrison between 3rd/4th
website: epicentercafe.com
beans: Barefoot, from San José.
meligrosa recommends: Hungry? their grilled (3)cheese is delish, for $4 your tummy will be happy.


  1. Aww! Great idea! I am a barista, and a cyclist!
    Funny how they go hand in hand, eh?

  2. exactly!! <3
    it's a win-win situation :D


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