Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weekend report: Two boys.

Over the weekend, I started to miss my camera. Lots. It is still in repair the majority of the snapshots (if not taken 3+weeks ago) have been with my old cannon, which is fine and super blurry at times, so it is okay for now. Anyways.

I have recently spent plenty of time with lots of bikey chicas, so it was time to spend this Holiday Monday riding with the boys.
We started in the Sports basement in crissy field, and rode around Marin, before leaving Sausalito we had a mandatory stop to refuel caffeine tanks at Cibo and then on the way back, after seeing the Mission club riders with such smart ad placement (Pizzeria delfina across their butt), we became victims of said subliminal message and upon our return to the City, we rode through the Presidio, up to California/Fillmore streets for a pie of our own.
If you are form outside the area this might not make much sense to you, but if you are in San Francisco, this short description of the ride, is well over 40 miles.
Here is a 1.5 minute drawing of it:
Picture 24

Towards the end and while riding on Sacramento street (we dropped from the Arguello gate and into Pac Heights via Laurel heights) the hungry monster was starting to come out. Luckily we got to Delifna's before a nasty display of pizza+beer withdrawals happened, waited no more than 10 minutes and we were seated.

Omar, David and I.
Bianchi steel teal bike, Jamis red bike and the smurfette – Italian blue+white steel beauty.
Purgattorio, Prociutto and Broccoli raab for me.
Iced tea, Stone pale ale and Anchor Steam.
Lycra castelli pants, Chrome knickers and a green mini skirt.
No photos, I'll leave it to your imagination.

Good times my gentlemen. Can we do this more often please?!


  1. What a beautiful ride! I used to do it when I lived in the city and sometimes took the ferry out to Angel's Island. How much of it is on a separate bike path now?

    BTW If you are looking for a cycling camera, check out the Canon S90. It's small enough to disappear during a ride and the photos are a cut above the competition. I just got one and will be reviewing it as a cycling camera soon.

  2. That was quite a lengthy adventure, for sure...
    Guess it would be cheating if you had a motor on your bicycle...

  3. schweeet. i wanna go next time!

  4. thanks gordon! i'd say most of this ride is on the street, though thru the mill valley wetlands there is a designated path. sometimes it feels like cars are way more polite than super fast racer type rude riders – though this time they were all super friendly =)

    donald/ ja jaa, thanks. it hasnt been that bad! looks pretty lengthy but since we are on bikes 24/7 all over the city, sometimes it feels easier to go to marin for a 40mi ride than go up a few hills on a tired evening, ya know

    nio/ ok, expect a text next time!


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