Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weekend report: sunshine girls.

Hello my super sunshine duo.

I shot this uber-blurry photo once we were on Valencia street. We rode from West portal down Clipper st through Noe Valley and then dropped down in the Mission. What did we do in West Portal, we went to a little show out there.
We all wore dresses, skirts, we all rode hills. This little camera just won't do, but while riding on the south-west side of the city with the ladies and Portola Ave, the view was excellent. Super clear skies, semi-steep hills that go for quiet a while, fast-moving yet mellow traffic and then the back view of the sutro tower in the background. No fog clouds surrounding the horizon, yet. It was just a beautiful sighting. You had to be there :D
The music was by Hang Jones and they jammed a good session celebrating the 4th of July this past Saturday at the Music Store on West Portal Ave.
hang jones
Los músicos by the window.
4 record store chicas
Here we are in the back of the store.
Sundresses, hats y smiles. QFC.


  1. ahh that is my old neighborhood! this makes me miss it so much. The music shop use to be a karate studio where i learned how to karate chop people when I was like 6 years old! your posts are always so nostalgic for me xoxxox

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  3. Totally random, but in the second picture, the girl on the right -- where did she find that dress? I had an identical one two years ago and sold it (in Seattle). I could have sworn it was handmade!

    Tuesday, July 06, 2010

  4. so fun mi amigas!
    Paige, I got that dress at Red Light in Portland. It's vintage and made by Byer California which incidentally was where I first worked out of college - they're over in Potrero Hill. It definitely looks handmade in some of the seams!

  5. Ha, Awesome! The one I found didn't have a tag in it, and it was definitely well loved. Thanks for the heads up.

  6. evaLu/ oh that is great to know! when photos bring memories back is pretty rad. thx for you comments as always luv.

    paige/ lisamarie has the coolest finds +always super cool stories behind them!

    lmg/ yessssss bike girl adventures, so awesometastic :DDDD


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