Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Marina you don't know.

If you roam the city in the early mornings and anytime for no reason at all as much as I do, you will get to see the people that really live in the neighborhoods that you perhaps don't visit much. As an extremely curious being, here are some shots from the Northside of the city: the Marina.
Handy man
Handy man.
Window shopping
calitexican waits for me with the bicis.
window waiting wednesday
window waiting wednesday
dela rosa parking for VIP bikeys.
Delarosa (one of Beretta's set of sister reastaurants) parking for pasing-by bikeys. hope they get bike racks soon.
speaking of which, the pizza in dela rosa, is pretty damn good.
Coffee and olives before pizza
Coffee and olives before pizza
happy birthday david

This below, is the view from inside the Plant Cafe Organic on Steiner street, formerly known as Lettüs.
Steiner street bicis.
Want the best veggie burger in town?, says I, go here. Worth the trip.
I be rocking them beats
What would you like today?What would you like today?

I have seen beautiful granpas dressed to the nines. Going to a corner liquor shop and spending hours there.
Black/white photo on Greenwhich street, by Julie Michelle /tangobaby


  1. It is your posts like these that give me that 'I am missing out on all of the great things to see and do in the City' feeling. Good work.

  2. much appreciated sinbad, very nice of you :D

  3. When I was living in Paris, I often woke before dawn and rode my bike or walked through the neighborhood in which I was living and wherever I could wander into from it. I feel as if I saw the "real" Paris, which deepened my love for the city. I have done the same here in New York, where I have lived the majority of my life. And I'm sure that I would take predawn rides in SF if I lived there. (I've only visited three times.)

  4. Love the contrasts in the last b/w at the end - bike/car, young/old, F/M - and the long cloth in the back pocket in the first and looking through layers of windows. What an eye.

  5. Your reflections are inspired and inspiring : )

  6. hi justine!! oh awesome - I bet you have seen quite similarities even though we are all in differenet continents from Paris, and now in NYC
    thanks so much for stopping by, will be adding your blog to my reads!! cheers xxo.m

    emma j/ why many thanks! SF has a tremendous amounts of filters, all neighbrohoods, artsy or not, there are always many ways to view them :D

    cameron/ <3 gracias, as always!

  7. I want to hear the stories that handyman tells.p

  8. Oh my gosh... I saw Julie Michelle's name on the last photo -- and a lightbulb came on; I typed "Melagrosa" into the ILiveHereSF search box to see if just possibly she had done one of her famous photo sets on you -- and yes, there it was, and a very cool set of photos too! I know you own a print by her -- which just happens to be one of my favorites... I have ten of her cards which I treasure...

    I thought I had been following Julie's ILiveHereSF fairly closely, so I don't know how I missed you, but it all makes perfect sense now...

    I absolutely adore Julie... She is one really talented lady... I even will admit to having a HUGE crush on her, but you know how it is -- she has a boyfriend and all that stuff... Curses... I am reduced to stalking her here and there -- the CaliberSF group is having another one of it's photo-walks on Sunday July 18 -- this time in SOMA -- the details are on her CaliberSF post 7/08/2010... Would be super cool, 'fer sure, if you made it...

  9. Hi, hope it's OK to contact you here. We would love to include your blog on our giveaway blog network: Giveaway Scout ( Have a look and if interested, use our online form to add your blog ( ). thanks, Josh

  10. That burger looks mouthwatering ... oh, that was my stomach rumbling ... dinner time here.

  11. m+G/ i should do a post on tales, as you may imagine, I have no troubles just coming up to anyone and cahtting it up - mostly how i have met most of my close friends, ages 9-90 <3

    donald/ oh my! this is super. julie is super talented and the availability that she has to make you feel very comfortable and at your natural state is quite hard to find in a photographer, from my personal expereince, I have felt the most natural with her.
    would love to join one of the photo walks, i'd probably be one of the only ones with a point and shoot - but - we will see :D

    josh/ mmh ok. this blog isnt about promoting free stuff other than bike rides +local gigs, but thx for the offer.

    groover/ oh yes, it is now dinner time and im going crazy over some cheesy stuff - not a burger for me tonite, but sometimes soon!
    as a racer i'd imagine you should eat one of these to recoop every nite!! go girl <3


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