Monday, July 12, 2010

Felicidades España!!

We biked to civic center to catch the madness - it was super fun to see *sooooo* many fans of the European countries play for the final. As I had predicted, Spain is the world champ!
I'm sure my girlfriends have tons of pictures that will make it out to the blogesphere soon, in the meantime KT sent me this little dose of roja passion.
Our favorite player for the bikey-girl world club fan club for his mad skills was Uruguay's Forlán, and my personal super hottie was Íker. Here being interviewed by his GF, this is just too hawt – qué beso!!! :D


  1. Soo happy Spain won, I didn't have a favorite going in, but when the Neds started playing like thugs, ugh, no. Spain prevailed with their beautiful and graceful footwork! Viva!

  2. yes!! - such good cup this year
    the refs were terrible but the strongest teams prevailed
    thx for you r comments, the cup brings everyone together for a few days around the world :D


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