Friday, August 13, 2010

An afternoon around 16/18

Roaming around 18th and 16th streets in the Castro y la Misión.
afternoon on 16th
16th st. afternoon.
corner accident
18th +sánchez. beautiful colors for a strange accident.
a pretzel crashed the happy hour party. Monk's on 16th.
afternoon on 18th
18th +guerrero.


  1. That was a weird accident. I'm glad everyone is ok. It would have been more epic if the vehicle ran over the hydrant as well and created a geyser at the scene.

    It has been a while since I have had the pretzel at Monk's Kettle. Remind me if me memory serves me correctly - isn't it the stone ground mustard that makes it so great?

  2. Looks like it was sunny in SF and that pretzel looks splurge-worthy, yum! Hope you're off biking this morning and having a great weekend!
    xo Mary Jo

    p.s. Love Betsey J. on her bike!

  3. Hi, I love the photo's you catch every day. The colors, just as you mention above, are something you "see" so well. And all from the seat of a bike!
    Say, have you ever checked out sfbikelawyer? His blogsite is where I got steered in your direction. (I noticed you didn't have his site listed in your sf-peeps.) Anyway, it's a couple of bike lovers - that's for sure.

  4. jason/ i was chatting with some guy at the corner and he said he didnt know what happened. well looks like a car rammed it and yea the hydrant would have been epic. hope no one was hurt
    +oyyy yes!! that mustard is EVIL!! :D

    mary Jo/ oh you would luv it if you like salty goodies! isnt betsey just awesome, that woman sends high energy even thru the webs <3 much luv to you in socal!!

    anon/ thanks for your nice comments +stopping by! I hadnt heard of this bikelaywer, im *just* almost done updating the blogroll, so appreciate the heads up. happy riding!

  5. Are those pretzels soft? Looks yummy


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