Saturday, August 14, 2010

A mourning weekend - NOPA fatality

I was very very saddened upon reading this morning about the fatal hit-and-run accident that resulted the loss of a life last night. My prayers and thoughts are with his family and loved ones.
Read details/info at:
bikeNOPA - North Panhandle Neighbor Describes Fatal Collision Scene at Masonic and Turk


  1. Not a lot of details other than the cops arrested someone on vehicular manslaughter charges.

  2. A video link in the post indicates a 1989 Mercedes driver struck the cyclist from behind southbound on Masonic, fled - but stopped a couple of blocks later, and was arrested for vehicular manslaughter.

  3. Struck cyclist identified as German tourist

  4. This puts my Monday in very sad perspective. :-(((


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