Thursday, August 5, 2010

Renegade Craft Fair, San Francisco 2010

3rd annual shot
3rd annual shot. frenchie gets artsy craftieeee
Oh my. owls +cute stuff = girl heaven.
I tell you, all you had to do is drool over colorful bags and look sensitive about artsy things because it was awesome. And if you rode a bike, even better :D
Anyways, I attended on the Saturday of the Renegade Fair weekend, and it was visually cute overload +I was so happy to kick it with so many of my amigas.
Here is the recap, good artsy times!

très cute trio
Trés cute triplettes!
My superstar amiga Lisa Marie and her brother are the people behind these super cool bags. We hung out with them for awhile and even a pair of crazy cookie aunt-like ladies, orchestrated us modeling with the bags. It was pretty funny.

photo via Ayuchi :D

Multiple colors, wacky cool patterns on messenger bag +nice folks over at VAYA bags. Very nice!
it's what's inside that counts

We Are Campfire
These shirts are a hit in every city. They come in all colors and it is pretty fun to go through what city of what is what for each town. I liked the Davis one! +of course the Bay ones. ♥Homestate pride to the max!
que cute
"Be proud of where you are from"
oaktown oaktown
tofu ranchero

The Local Branch
Based out of Fairfax, this crafty lady items were super nice and easy to fit into multiple styles in everyone's fashions. I loved the textures and the playful neo-californian hippie vibe. :D
from Fairfax

Ran by siblings, these designy cool kids were simple and had all kinds of cool nerdy things, that i of course, always fall for. Laser-cut wooden USB gadgets, super cute paparazzi notebooks and delish rings. My eyes were kerning.

++++ ++++
girl attack break.
say cheeseeeeee:

It was a pleasure to meet Casey from the Grass Valley (about 3 hours from SF). He has been a blog reader for sometime and loves city events. A big shout out to you, your wife +friends and all the bikey peeps over in the California Sierra Foothills. It was fantastic meeting you +thanks for saying hello!!
with KC
and here is a photo he has sent me of him and frenchie parked outside the fair, sweet!


Very cool notebooks. Sometimes vendors aren't very happy that you take pictures of their stuff, but it was obvious that calitexican and I were drooling over them. They accepted so (I always ask) so here they are. Maybe they were tired. +I'll leave it at that... ;-)

oh la laaaa - gold letters?! yes please

Like a bee to a beehive I spotted her banner from afar and immediately walked towards her. Adorable!! Turns out she knows Lisa (Hambone Designs) and so goes on the connection within the San Francisverse. Her bags are super cute and the fabric patters are to please a vast territory of taste (scooters, landmarks, polka dots +more). Who can have enough totes?!
LOVE her logo, it sings happy bike rides when I see it.
Jamie Lau
Jamie Lau

These peeps are fun. And those shirts are guaranteed to get you plenty of smiles and maybe a phone number. With humor like I'M FAT LETS PARTY and dinosaurs making tacos and sammiches, oh. Enough said. Awesome. Raaaaawr
make me a sammmmich

This is the view in the half-upper level, where the refreshments were to be purchased. Beer:30 it was.
Yeah, it was pretty much packed.

Yes!! For the last 3 years I have visited Adrienne Vitta and her beautiful drawings. Her postcards, magnets and tiles are a must to have at your home, workplace or perfect little gifts. I want them all. Lovely seeing you again and best of luck with all your travels :D
with adrienne :D
drawing luv!

++++ ++++
oyyy luv at first sight
On our way out, calitexican got the ukucrazies with a ukulele make-it yourself kit. Adorbs.

Gorgeous ladies!
"accessories for the cute-minded"
This pair of fantastic girlfriends were absolutely smashing! so fabulous
Their energy, even towards the end of the day after talking to myriads of curious crafties, was very contagious. Great meeting you lovelies!!

renegade parking
This usual steel suspect chilling by the water. I love her!!

Vámonos!! +off we went :D
Saturday outfit.
And my arnold palmer post-craft stop. Hola!!

- - -
♥ 'til next time my dear Renegades ♥


  1. i really liked the vaya stuff too. re-purposed inner tubes!

  2. Great crafty recap! That dress you have on is smashing *& love those aviators! You look adorable as always :)

    xo Mary Jo

  3. Que cool! y que envidia pero de la buena!!! Me gusta todo lo que mostraste en las fotos! Next time this fair happens avisame tantito please, and I'll come up there! It seems like my kind of "Disney World"

  4. So many nice looking things. I bet you had a ball!! I particularly liked the wallets made of bicycle tires/tubes. Cool stuff!

    Peace :)

  5. I am in love with VAYA and Jamie Lau - agreed, she has the BEST logo! Thanks for sharing all the crafty SF fun-ness.

  6. great (drool-worthy) recap! now i doubly wish i had gone.

  7. Thanks for the awesome re-cap. This was our best SF fair ever!! Make sure to check our blog for the Renegade Re-Cap:

    -The Renegade Team


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