Monday, August 9, 2010

We made it!

Just in case you were wondering. Total of 7 of us (us 3 +4 guys) completed our very first Marin Century 100K.
That is all for now, we will probably do a little recap soon. Cheers with Marin brie cheese!
Serious riders.
At the half-point check, in Petaluma, Calif. Woot woot.

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  1. Congratulations! Love your dress! Charming!

  2. Meli,
    Woot-Woot is right!!! Jolly good show as the
    Brits. say.
    You guys look like you're loving it!
    Jon C

  3. Yay, awesome! And while looking fab!

  4. Oh wow -- then you must have pedaled to the top of the hill in Lucas Valley? Whew...

  5. I was hoping for more spandex, hehe. Very cute dress. Congrats.

  6. Way to kick ass, Meli :) What's the scoop on the dress? Material? Looks like it would keep ya cool :)

  7. And that you biked it in that adorable flowery shift! Way to go!

  8. Although it is a fetching look, I really hope that you had some chamois buried in there somewhere. After all, we don’t wear them because they look cute!

    Also, on any ride lasting more than 2 hours - I highly recommend chamois butter. Mmm… chamois butter. At first it feels like you sat in someone’s leftover tunafish sandwich but later… heaven*.

    * Heaven being a place with less chafing and abrasion.

  9. Congrats Meli, on your splendid accomplishment!!

    Peace :)

  10. Wonderful, just wonderful! Yee Haw!

  11. GRACIAS very much, you ALL for your comments♥!!!

    donald/ we were ***cursing** that one WIlson hill. oyyy…

    rcp/ those are butt-padded knicker things, that is plenty of lycra..he hee :D

    lee/ it's a blend of sun/sweat-friendly cotton. cool thing is that the bottom buttuns open up so it ventilates the belly of way to hot. My pal trent said it looked like a cape-like when riding downhill +++wheeeeeeeeee

    mark/ yea butt padding, no cream though - my skin has not experienced that feeling you have told me about, maybe not long enough? or hot? who knows. eeek
    must say that my saddle is like freakin butter. that and the chamois knickers have done it for me. ull be the 1st one to know if any creams are in play someday mkaaaaaay ;-)

    sig sig/ datssssrite. marin luvs you!!

  12. It will never be Wilson Hill. It will always be Uncle F@#$er.

    "Sitting in someone else's tuna fish sandwich" is not a ringing endorsement. Not even sitting in my own tuna fish sandwich sounds appealing : )


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