Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Boys, their bikes & coffee week: Marc

♥The boys are back once again for the September series week! Take your bikes+boys+coffee weekday dose of daily charm, from the San Francisco bike lanes. Enjoy the profiles of these fine men around our city! :D

photo by Dustin Jensen
I have 9 and 1/2 bikes in my garage. Just like a lost puppy or kitten, I see the potential and want to care for abandoned bikes I find on the street and have grand visions of rehabilitating them and giving them to friends or loved ones. I've donated a few partial builds to the Bike Kitchen when I didn't feel like completing the project, but mostly I just hoard bikes. I have a few bikes of my own, as well- my daily bike is a Cannondale '88 Black Lightning I bought of Craigslist; my Surly Long Haul Trucker for bike camping; and my Ross bike I use for Hardcourt Bike Polo; and my Bridgestone single-speed for when it's rainy.

When I was a barista in college, and I drank Macchiattos, when a customer would order a drink with an odd number of shots, but if I'm having coffee with friends or in the office, I just drink a plain cup 'o joe. My favorite coffee in the city is Philz, because I consider it a rare treat. Plus, I went there my very first day I moved to the city and every time I drink it, I remember the wonderment and excitement of starting my new life in San Francisco and am reminded of how lucky I am to live in this city and how far I've come since moving here. Plus, it tastes amazing.

(Self Portrait at the top of Black Mountain)

'Hood and fave bike ride in city:
I live in NoPa- not on Divisadero, but actually North of the Panhandle. It's a great community with lots of bike riding families and friends, and local businesses and a great Neighborhood Association that supports biking- NOPNA. My favorite routes are those quiet side streets where I can ride and chat with friends.

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