Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Boys, their bikes & coffee week: Mark

♥The boys are back once again for the September series week! Take your bikes+boys+coffee weekday dose of daily charm, from the San Francisco bike lanes. Enjoy the profiles of these fine men around our city! :D
All photos picked by Mark, taken by his peeps +credited accordingly.
catching a skitch
catching a skitch by nerd love
SCC_1035 by Steve.Anderson

I ride plenty, caught a bit of the vintage bug, and race various forms
of dirt for Sheila Moon so I've got lots of bikes.

1) Well dialed 12 speed road bike. Road rides(alpine, railroad grade,
old la honda, kings mountain), city laps, the occasional alleycat,
etc. Sharp crit-bike geometry. Medici Pro-Strada '83.

2) Rigid 29er. I bought this to be my cross bike for this coming
season and as I've gotten used to it I'm doing a lot of full mountain
riding on it. It's light, responsive, and fun and is pushing my
technical skill levels higher. Great for the Marin County Bike
Coalition "Locust" mixed terrain sorta-enduros that have been going on
this summer. Scott Quiring '07.
Mark on the Inside Line
Mark on the Inside Line by hotMARK™

3) Rack / CX / Overnight Camping bike. Midge dirt drops, Pass & Stow
front rack, generator hub. Fat slicks usually, cross tires sometimes.
Grocery getter / rando / farmers market / I want to see well at night.
I have also raced cross & soil saloon on this. All fun all the time.
Jack Taylor Curved Tube '84.

4) Path Racer / Fixed gear. Bars, restaurant, pastry runs, parks.
Swept bars, shellacked cork grips. I don't enjoy going down big hills
fixed but I always plot rides with hills so it doesn't get out as much
as it should. Colin Laing Curved Tube '06.

Etc.) Santa Cruz BLT which isn't mine and is sadly going back to the
guy who long-term loaned it to me. It was my race bike for most of
this year and a great Downieville bike. There's another nice old path
racer and a old touring bike which I haven't had time to dial in yet
so they've been sitting. Also an old specialized (dreamy late-90's Ned
Overend bike!) which is overshadowed by my modern dirt bikes and sadly
should probably go.
IMG_2843 by Showy McShow

WARNING: this answer contains the D**** word and may not be suitable
for all B.a.T.C. readers.

In the past 4 years I've gone from vast quantities of tea and espresso
to just lots of tea to a little bit of decaf tea and coffee.

I like my tea black, strong, and so bitter that you couldn't drink it
without a splash of milk and a shake of sugar. Favorites include
Yorkshire Gold, Whittard Original, Rainbow bulk dept. Assam and Ceylon
(do your own blending!), Barry's, and TJ's Irish Breakfast. Sadly
decaf tea usually tastes like nothing. It's actually gotten me back
into coffee because compared to tea, decaf coffee looses relatively
little flavor.

De La Paz Coffee sponsors the Sheila Moon team and many local bike
races. Really great varietals and some light roasts for full nitro
coffee. Dry processed coffees with a hint of stone fruit flavor are
probably my favorite.

I love making iced coffee using the Blue Bottle New Orleans Method
(though I usually use Peet's french roast and skip the chicory). Cold
brewing keeps some of those roasted bean aromatics which I love so
much and seem to disappear in hot brewing. The concentrate is an
excuse to use lots of milk too.

'Hood and fave bike ride in city:
I live on the panhandle so I can get to anywhere easily. One of my
favorite little city rides is one I made up that I call the "figure
8". Up downey, up twin peaks blvd, down the south side then laguna
honda, north to 7th, through the park to 8th, west on lake, 15th into
the Presidio, washington, past immigrant point and turn on lincoln
towards the legion of honor, out to the beach and back through the
park. I'm also starting to enjoy exploring the Mt. Sutro trails for
some easy driving-free access to good dirt. Way more fun than GGP.

chef mark
chef mark by may.woo
Sub24 Panda
Sub24 Panda by fixotic
mark, this one is by me

Gracias Mark!!


  1. What isn't mentioned here is that Mark has been blood-doping for the upcoming cyclocross season. At least, we think he has with the way he's been riding lately. As yet unconfirmed.

    -Showy McShow

  2. nice bikes. "figure 8" sounds like a good ride

  3. davin/ oh those pink kits are just way hot :D
    send me your email, you are up for next month!

    nio/ wooot - i can see you doing it!


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