Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Humpday inspiration: design*sponge

via design*sponge: bikes
One of my favorite artsy visual diy blogs has a series about bikes this week. Grace has a keen eye to link all kinds of beautiful visual inspiration from prints, to interiors to a pleasant few-minutes that take you elsewhere. So damn cute!!
Read it here: bike madness: bikes, accessories, and inspired decor

and here is an interview with Julie, and she really emphasises on the 'anti-Armstrong' cycling action in the US. We got lots of anti-Lance here in San Francisco then, though I am pro-Lance whenever his videos of him pop up in the interwebs in Austin on a fixie, sans helmet and with sandals on, which I guess that is quite rare and certainly not for what he is known for. Anyway, back to Julie's cute store =)
Has anyone in NYC been to it? Looks pretty cool!
Here she is in her store "adeline adeline" in the big apple:

Speaking of links, she has also mentioned Anh-Minh Le and Meg Mateo's new magazine - Anthology! Read design*sponge's link here: new design magazine: anthology!

I'm so happy the two Bay Area creative ladies are making the blogrounds. Tomorrow I will post the book signing even I attended last week at the candystore on 16th st.
♥ding ding!!

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  1. agree most of the helmet designs, bike clothes, and athletic clothes generally in the US are in a very narrow "armstrong-esq" aesthetic. esp men's. the women's have better designs, prints, and more colors than red, white, blue, and black. Japanese and Europeans have much more stylish, colorful, and artsy athletic clothes.


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