Monday, September 13, 2010

With love from the interwebs.

♥From the UK
Tarquinn class shared this super nice video of the Robin Hood Tax.
May I say that well, that Robin hood, such a hottie. Ooooh need to visit the UK soon, mate.

♥Also from the UK
Because it wouldn't be the internet be without cats!!!
Georgie in the UK says she encountered this kitty that lives in a canal barge. awww kitty♥

♥From Italy

Reader Troiano has a commercial site where he sells bikes. These are on the pricey side (as in 900 euros) but thought I posted it because I find it to just a bit similar to rideSFO Phil's infamous yellow bike, which is made by sdg components and there are only a handful (if not less) of its kind, according to him. Sweet.

Phil's bike and me - via his facebook album.

♥From the caffeinated thoughts
Tom from the fantastic blog bikejuju sent me this, via

photo from

+++++thanks all!!!
Some of these were shared from the Facebook page + some sent via email

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