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Women who bike the distance: Ramona

This is a dedicated Wednesday post series for women that kick butt in the everyday errands, commute and fun rides, and decide to take it a curious, wanderluster step beyond comfort to miles and miles ahead to see what's out there, do long distance rides, camping and explore the landscapes.
Please do leave your comments and/or questions for the featured riders and enjoy!
amor y paz
amor y paz
wheelright. presente!
wheelright. presente! - this lovely ready to ride 70+miles in her skirt and mixte. oh yes!!

Women Who Bike the distance: Ramona
Ramona rocks her bicycles all over the city, goes the distance and makes a kickass quinoa salad as a random surprise. Oh I love thou.
A wonderufl woman on wheels, great recycling educator (she will tell you what and why goes where) and you can find this lady on Market street or somewhere out in Marin.
Enjoy her profile, her white soma mixte and her green chucks. All in one!

When did you start your long distance curiosity and where was the first ride you recall as being such a long ride?
I rode a bike around san francisco for about 4 years before ever going over the golden gate. It was a first date and I borrowed a friend's bike for the ride. My bike of choice at the time was a schwinn hollywood. after that, I knew I needed a bike with gears and purchased a schwinn le tour tourist 12 speed mixte for $20 from an aspiring crackhead in the tenderloin. The guy was riding around without air in the tires so I felt it was a rescue effort and even though the bike may have been stolen, I had no idea how to return it to it's owner, it wasn't a particularly valuable bike (other than sentiment), and I gave it years of good service before I upgraded to my current ride. The bike did have a volvo sticker on it. What's that? I threw a basket and rear carrier on the Tourist and started riding the distance, my favorite destination, camping.
this way to food
approaching pt. reyes
flicker off!
in the Mission district
What upcoming rides do you have +the location?
I do day rides all the time and camping trips as often as I can, but in all honesty I don't really consider Bay Area rides long distance. You're home in a couple of hours give or take 5 or so. The real long distance ride I'd like to enjoy would be from Portland to San Francisco. Train up, bike back. I'd give my self 5 weeks to accommodate a week or so in PDX, plenty of time to ride, and some buffer to enjoy the scenery and enjoy some staycation time when i get back home.

The 3 things that are a must to bring with you:
1. Pump and patch kit
2. a spare pair of wool undergarments (if over 1 day)
3. android phone/credit card so I feel secure that I can rescue myself from most any situation. oh but how to charge the phone? dynamo hub maybe.

The following 3 photo/links were provided by Ramona, and credited accordingly =)
IMG_9638 (Medium)
IMG_9638 (Medium) by krate-mayhem
The Wheelright
The Wheelright by Adrienne Johnson SF
P1070327 by ramona wheelright

Other helpful tips you have for women +men, who are new and/or curious about long-distance riding:
Wear a wool base layer because it really does resist odor and keep the body dry, warm and cool. It's almost as though spun and woven sheep hair is a miracle. Eat light before riding. Rest when your body needs it. Don't overpack. Have fun.

Favorite meal/beverage after a long ride:
All food is good after a long ride. Beer only makes it better. See you on the road. Wheeeee!

Check out Ramona's blog here:
♥Gracias Ramona!!


  1. I so agree about the wool. Miracle. And the don't overpack. Always such a temptation. Always so regretted.


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