Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pica pica

The other night I had a bite at Pika Pika. There is one rack right across it, but in the evening, after four barrel closes, you can find some open racks on that stretch. Or across the street at little star. They close at 10PM, so just in time to get a late maiz+frijoles snack and a beer.
From la window
window bike
Window view.
Arepa de frijoles
I had the black-bean arepa. Bike-fuel approved.


  1. Meli,

    I'm from Venezuela and on my birthday went down there for what I was hoping was an authentic venezuelan meal.

    It was good but far from authentic, nevertheless, it was awesome to know that there is a larger audience for goodies from South America.

    Latinos tenemos tanto que ofrecer!! Viva La Raza!

  2. Always love seeing what you are eating... You've got a bike to work it off, but if I were to eat what you eat I'd weigh in at about 300lbs by now... Looks delicious... In days past I could have murdered both of those beers in about 15 seconds.

  3. MAIZE-WICH FOR THE WIN! Yumniferous!

  4. I enjoyed the food there so much! We went early and enjoyed the setting sun. I can't speak to the authenticity, but after living in France for 5 years, I learned that it's easier to forget what food "in the old country" tasted like. :-)

    I wonder if that bike rack right there is new? I remember having to lock up in front of Lil' Star... More bike racks ftw! They put 4 where I requested one recently, whoohoo!

  5. sac cc/ oh lore, that is great to hear!! :D yes Im always curious about new places popping up and though they not be super authentic, it's always fun to try them
    esoooooo! :D

    donald/ im also surprised im not heavier, but I guess this bike fuel has lots places to take me to. caffeine is like the turbo magic liquid you know ;-)

    deep/ yumniferous --- love it!!

    tamagosan/ the bike rack there I dont think is new at all, at least not in the last 2-3 years (?) I remember parking there to go to little star when it first opened ---- but *yes* this area could def. use a large set of bike racks like the ones in front of the police station :D
    which ones did you request? that is AWESOME! :D
    thanks for stopping by as always


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