Wednesday, November 10, 2010

From Istanbul, with caffeinated love

gift from istanbul
Gift from Istanbul
Mi friend muffin came back from vacation in Istanbul and was SOOO nice of her to bring me coffee (my bag smelled divine) and this little stove-top pot with such beautiful patterns, to make the coffee. See, In her book, I'm easy to shop for - colorful wacky tights, or coffee!
We met before much activity was going on around the city to sip some coffee and catch on some chisme (*must know word: gossip).

The picture I had posted earlier this week was also taken here, on Linden street.
Linden underwent a little street-face lift, there are now these large rocks to sit on, the nicely patterned rusty pieces, some new plants and more tree-like nature. I'm a fan!
So here is some documentation of the caffeinated alleyways. Blue bottle never sees a slow morning!

 bikes and coffee
Bikes and coffee. Mi religion.
Some stay, some go, some of us are still here.
That guy's red bike has a beautiful top-tube bag. 
He was in-out faster than lightening, next time I'll have his photo taken.
♥Gracias Muffin
Catching up with a good friend in the early caffeinated mornings pre-work, is the perfect medicine for a good day - and this time it came with a lovely little gift to make the black liquid of my favorite gods. Yum!!


  1. I don't even drink coffee but I love that cute little pot!! Istanbul is on my list of places I want to visit in the future :)

  2. right?!? Her pictures look like so much fun - she had a blast there, so cool

  3. Ahh! taking a break and so glad for this bright spot - friendship and gifts and talk in a clean, well-lighted space (with tree-like nature no less!) Documenting the delights - I think it makes more room for them in the universe. Thanks for sharing yours with us!

  4. Very jealous of your new coffee maker...I have a similar one from Greece but without all that gorgeous etching. I also collect yerba mate cups (also called mates in Argentina) as well as the Brazilian versions. I'm so excited to see Linden's facelift! I lived in Hayes Valley for several years & saw Blue Bottle open...I miss it!!

  5. Maybe next time Muffin could bring us back a big brick of hashish?

  6. And btw - congratulations!


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