Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bicycle Film Festival - San Francisco

The Bicycle Film Festival opening party was last nite.
Bikes Rock!  party ALL AGES (about time!!) party is tonite starting at 7PM.
And the films begin on Friday-Sunday. FUN!

The program looks pretty cool and my favorite part every year (I have been to more than a few my all-time fave event was seeing Blonde Redhead!) are the international films, they all have a sense of universal unity and passion. That - is the beauty of it.

A funny little story: When I went to see one of the films around the time MASH opened maybe in 2005(?), some drunk whimpy wanna-be punk asked me if I was lost, and that prom was that way (signaling to the exit). He did receive a dose of the meligrosa-razor treatment.

There were certainly not many dresses or high-heels and maybe now he has probably traded his outdated fixie for a cute basket ride. ha haaa oh well who cares =)  

SOOO --- Which films do you plan to see!?
See its large size here: link


  1. It is a great, positive thing for people of all ages. It promotes physical activity, which also helps your mental well being.

  2. I am SO tempted but this is 600 miles ... eagerly awaiting your comments on this festival.

  3. CSF/yup

    gordon/ ah thanks! :D I attend every year. my review coming later this week or a bit of next!!
    most people have their DVDs for sale and lots of trailers online, though the little things around town are fun
    thx for stoppin by as always!


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