Thursday, November 11, 2010

Buenos días and good morning.

Morning usual suspects.
Morning usual suspects. 
This takes place in late-October.

Bikes, beautiful sunrises and brown beans that spell coffee. Coffee that wakes me up, liquid that makes me function, a ritual that has complete control over me and I willingly become part of it, every day - every rising morning.
I think, more often I don't, I ride, I sweat, I smile and then I feel alive. I'm a nightowl as well, but there is something so beautiful about early mornings that serenates me and has a tranquil effect on my energy.

Until I ride over puke near civic center.
What, do you think it all smells as good as coffee all the time!?  =)
Workers hosing and washing down dive bar mats in the AMs, are like little angels. They say good morning almost all the time, some of them wave "que pasó baby" and for instances as such, I used a little water to rinse the evidence of someone's much fun the night before.

Riding in the City is full of smells punching your nose left and right. And it never stops.
One word (year-round): fenders



  1. Love your posts!!

    Sorry to hear about your puke incident - I just put fenders on my bike. Hopefully it will save me from future encounters with certain 'puddles'!

  2. Wonderful sentiment! Well-crafted verse.

    This needs to be typeset and framed.

    And hanging in my house!

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. cupcake/ well totally not a biggie =) i was just glad I was able to rinse it off right away!
    fenders are awesome

    tim/ oooh many thanks for such nice notes. im quite flattered ;-)

  4. That's an excellent reason to install fenders, especially for city riders. That's something I would never have thought of.

    I'm wondering if you are carrying your own French press with you or is your coffee served to you that way? Either way, I like it.

  5. I have fenders made out of recycled plastics that weigh just a few ounces. I just leave them on all year. And yes, who knows what you will be spared thanks to your fenders.

  6. myles/ ah that was at peets, I have a buddy that works there, so once in awhile I stop by and see if he is there. There was a french press offer so I shared it with this old guy. He said if I wanted his paper too. There is a mannerism old gentlemen have that guys my age could certainly learn, if only they got off their phones.
    I did use to carry my french press when I was in college, now I can afford to treat myself to bay area coffee, whenever I want. I do press a lot at home though.

    Gordon/ right?!!! - i tell you, those things have always been *highly*** appreciated :D


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