Thursday, November 11, 2010

Photo del día: el músico

el músico: the musician
16th street - Bart Station


  1. Is that a pannier he's using as a place to drop $ into? OSSM.

    I love buskers and even give to the ones whose music I don't like just because they are there. Certain BART stations seem sad without them...

  2. There's this great guy who sings a capella in DT Laguna. So nice to hear music outside. Even better with coffee and bikes.

    xo Mary Jo

  3. Love! You capture a city and it's wonder so well.

  4. many thanks everybody. I stayed for a little bit and thought about things. we knodded each other and Im sure we'll see this guy around again.
    :D happy ear dose of joy to all, all around the planeta

  5. I love this picture. The textured wall, the fingerless gloves, the hat, the bikes . . . I can almost hear him play.


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