Monday, November 1, 2010


♥From Guam
From many miles away we have long-time blog reader and her gigantes: Tamagosan, watching the games and cheering on from Guam! yay baseball gals, so cool =)

♥Pica tu papel
Mission Bicycle has put their window display as orange. They have also continued their spirit from the past Mission bike festival and now have their Papel Picado pieces for sale. Stop by, and tell Jefferson I say HOLA!
Share some pictures if you put some on your bici!

♥Día de los muertos - procession event
And speaking of Día de los Muertos, which is tomorrow - don't forget to stop by their site and read more info, learn about the Marigold project, calaca facts and chip in with a donation.»


  1. Whutwhut holllllllllla!

    And how about that game today? Can't WAIT for tomorrow. I know people keep talking about bringing it back to the SFC, but I wouldn't mind a lil' victory. Then I can blog about something else besides all this stuff about the Gigantes.

    Mucho love from Where America's Day Begins, Meli!

  2. i loved all your photos +postings from Guam -- yayyy♥ !!!!


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