Monday, November 1, 2010

Una orange panda

Happy Halloween.
Orange panda shot (foto from bike). My girlfriend said this was my baseball outfit though I'm a green+gold fan :) she wanted me to add black socks hehee.
I love red, orange tights, all colors. Everyone is in good baseball spirits, very cool.
¡Ride safe all!

tunnel panda
A panda in the Broadway tunnel.


  1. OMG the idea of any Giant with baseball socks biking along is darling!! (Cody's black ones today were cute! I know, he's a tough baseball player, but still...) Thanks for the smile.

    I miss my bike so much; slim pickins here on this weird island. Had to use the stationary bike the other day just to feel my feet in the pedals!

  2. right?! good call cody's socks are so cute, he just has such gooood energy, must be his super bright smile =)
    hope u find a little bikey love in the island, I bet the weather is nice
    cheers +thanks for staying in touch, as always!!


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