Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mustache bigote bandito: Mi masculine me. Día de los muertos 2010

Last week (wait, 2 weeks ago!!...) was the Día de los muertos annual procession in the Mission District in SF. I made it out a little later than usual, but still caught up with some of my peeps and even went to a celebration cumbia show afterwards.
I had about 10 minutes to dedicate to my make-up before I rode out the door. My look this year consisted the most interesting skull in the world. Bet the dosXX guy couldn't even keep up with my popularitiy with the ladies. I'm serious!! Drinking beer was a challenge and I realized having a mustache is a lot of work. What was great and rather strange was when I went up to my friends they did not recognize me until they saw Frenchie. Leave it to our Bay area to find a femme looking mustache skull top hat like me, attractive. Too much fun!

 I'm a chamaleon. I did such a girly flirt for Rio's photoshoot so for the nite I went the total opposite.
As long as we know who is wearing the trousers.
he panda
El panda.  
And off I go.
I thought I wasn't going to run into Ade, her and James (who would make a handsome calaca!, but not in custome this year) were headed to dinner. Hey the city is so small, the chances are - we run into each other more when we dont plan it.
Ade right off Grove st.

Casa Bonampak street had a little party. They painted faces and had some music. Later down the street I ran into some sweet Adelita ladies and we took a photo in front of the party bus, typically parked on S. Van Ness and 24th. More sidewalk sightings then I started to get hungry.
Casa Bonampak.
 ladies man calaca
These shorts were as close as owning pants as I get. As you can imagine I also don't own t-shirts at all.
Bien handsome or what!? 
Maybe next year I'll be a full-on mariachi. Watchout.
Sidewalk music.

Below is a phot of Jorge and I. I love him+his energy very much, and it makes me happy to run into him. He didn't recognize me. Until he saw the Frenchie... =)  Everytime we run into each other we hug, we dance and he is always playing music. (This is us in 2009: link)
Then I ran into more beautiful calaca ladies. I love seeing everyone's getups!
jorge and i
pretty ojitos!
pretty ojitos!
the pretty ladies and the mustache bandito calaca
the pretty ladies and the mustache bandito calaca
el maiz
hers and his
new friends

Then finally food. I was so hungry and so happy to eat. Skulls eat twice as much, you know, because they be dancing and laughing and trouble making on bikes and living the spirit of Posadas paintings thourghout time. Well, fun troubles are just not complete without some bike trouble makers, mkayyy. 
 los painted
Nio y Ramona
I am your only vato
I am your only vato
¿que quieres!?? tu y tus tantas fotos eh!!
Ramona has her basket-shrine every year. Y qué!?
ramonita calaquita rides
ramonita calaquita rides

to our valencia skull adventure
ps. Ramona, the bike lane wants you all to itself, but I hearts you more.
After a little while, the Elbo room was where the night began. La colectiva had their cumbia toqueson. Always is *SO* much fun to watch and dance and move to the ritmos. Below I'm with my friend Rafa drum, mi favorite bay area drummer. ESOOOOOO
elbo red
rafa + yo
Rafa +yo.

with two chicas on each side
Now for the closing finale, my new two amigas. Dancing machine. Good times.
- - - - -
'til next year you all dancing skull calacas lovers. 
♥xxomeli, aka bigote bandito for one night.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun, and more so with this warm weather for the evening. Probably it is usually cold and wet for this event. Great make-ups but I think yours is the scariest with that mustache...kinda creepy looking.

  2. You gals, and guys, throw the best parties up there!

  3. aweeeesome! You all look fabulous and this looks like so much fun!


  4. <3 loco calaca times <3
    -= !BOOM chikka BOOM! =-
    aaay! ;D

  5. this is so awesome!!! we left SF on our halloween trip on the 1st, so we also missed the giants win but everyone kept telling us to stay so we wouldnt miss the day of the dead parade!! so bummed about it

  6. Pero que guapa estas de bigotuda!
    Next year I'll get up there and do the parade, I have been wanting to do it for years, ahora tengo la excusa perfecta!

  7. in my heart bike lanes come and go, but you are forever, melimacho.

  8. Hey don't be picking on t-shirts now- that's about all I wear! I even have that same Urban Velo t-shirt; it looks way hotter on you though!

  9. ♥aaah thanks you ALLL!!
    we had a ton of fun :D

  10. LOL this is my favorite Meli-look EVAR!


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