Monday, December 6, 2010

The bike lane at midnight.

And just when you think you are riding alone, or when it seems like so because you are feeling very (insert bitch-mode mood here), there is a little happy angel riding alongside. Nothing is better than hearing a "hey you, haven't seen you in awhile!! how you been?!
Riding into bike lane buddies in the middle of the night, right before it begins to pour, just makes the long bike ride home a bit smoother.
"hey I havnt seen you in 
Meet Veltin.
You may recognize him or maybe have seen him around town sporting his crazy fur-covered helmet. He is usually jamming to the Police or the Talking Heads mostly, that piece in his handlebars is his mini-boombox. He works late shifts and I run into him once in awhile.
Market street was very very quiet and with almost no traffic, some taxi cab even turned his window down and yelled at us "Please watch out for those tracks and don't get caught in them"
A cab that either saw someone eat it, or maybe he bikes on Market street?! who knows, but that was a first.
Late nite bike lane chats with Veltin
Our bikes, in the middle of the street.


  1. Yehuda Moon Alleycat checkpoint!

    Your next checkpoint is someplace on Facebook!

  2. Attention all tweed riders... I saw a great (and funny) play at San Francisco State over the weekend called "Engaged" (a farce written by W.S. Gilbert of Gilbert & Sullivan fame). Lots o' tweed... a terrific period piece (and did I mention funny). It'd be a terrific excuse to don the tweed and cycle to the campus. This Friday (Dec. 10) and Saturday (Dec. 11) are the last nights for the performance. And even if you don't have tweed... it's a wonderful play. More info at:

  3. Score one for the taxi driver reminder!

    So glad Veltin blew away the clouds around your head that night. :-)

  4. aren't you afraid to ride so late at night ? but then i guess if there was some crazy person on foot, you can always outride them.

  5. I myself raise my guard slightly when riding through pockets of areas around SOMA, the Tenderloin and Golden Gate Park late at night to get home, *BUT* when I have to ride through these neighborhoods to get home I have to do it...there isn't any other choice!

    You just have to be aware of your surroundings and be ready to pedal away fast if trouble finds you.

    Peace my brother.


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