Friday, December 3, 2010

♥Happy Friday: Posters and the city, for this weekend's events.

Beta your VHS

For the holidays and this end of 2010 coming closer and faster than ever, I decided to donate and give back to two of my favorite events and causes of the year.
This year I am giving two posters from the last two years of Artcrank for the Supermarket Street Sweep.

I have also donated the original drawing-piece behind this year's ArtCrank poster, for auction at winterfest.
velcro approves
It is known that nothing arrives or leaves my house for that fact, without the most beautiful black cat in the world inspecting it.
for artcrank Posters arrived last week
2009 +2010
My mom wanted to take a photo of me and the poster, so she made me pose with it.
I feel as if I was in the 2nd grade holding a diploma or something... =)
The drop-off spot was Faye's video. I have a fond appreciation [previous link] for that little gem.
The list of all the participating Winterfest 2010 artists is here:»

- - -
*The BW image above, was taken in the back-of-house of Faye's video.
With all these VHS, it made me think of BETA tapes. Ooooh and off the poster went into a timewrap!!
See you all this weekend!


  1. Great seeing Velcro the cat.
    Kitty (currently surfing my lap) sends her best regards.

  2. That poster design is so beautiful. I hope later you can sell little prints on Etsy or something. Or make it into a postcard. It's so good and I want one!

  3. Sinbad wanted me to tell you he likes your black kitty. In fact he may be in love...unless your cat is a boy then he says "forget I said anything".

  4. In other words...everything undergoes a CAT scan?

  5. WHAT JULIE SAID. Love the design!

  6. Meli! How did I get a copy of the 2010 ArtCrank poster. I love it. You did such a great job!

  7. donald/ cats luvvvv computers, they also invented the internets =D

    julie/ thanks doll -will do some items for sale soon!

    sinbad/ yea vlecro is a she - wooo online dating for the KITEEHS!!

    wendy/ oooh im crackin. you nailed it!!

    ttv/ Tamagosan/ many thanks!!

    karen/ i shall put it online soon. need to get those postal tubes. I'll keep you posted!

  8. Very nice work, Meli!
    Peace :)

  9. Just saw this post, but when I saw the piece at the auction last night, i knew it was your work!

    Good seeing you last night!!

    <3 Mel


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