Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let's yam

let's yam.
The yam sandwich / in my top 5 fave local sandwiches of the last decade.
This is from last nite (Wed.) Atlas Cafe - 20th and Alabama
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atlas at nite


  1. oh you're killing me with those sandwiches, i haven't even had breakfast yet and i'm already wanting one! hope all is well with you melie!

    xoxo mary jo

  2. I'm sitting here with a couple eggs and wanting anything but and then I see this post about one of my favorite kinds of sandwiches - pure torture, I tell you!

  3. Meli,
    That's a good looking sandwich! Nice photos!!
    Peace :)

  4. maryjo/ thanks doll! yeah pretty limited to get good sandwiches later in the evenings =)

    lady vela - mindfulmixture/ heeee he, right!?

    chandra/ gracias! the yam one is my favorite! they also have a greenp apple+cheese one, I think you would like it


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