Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesdays of Who Wore What

Hola all! I am happy to introduce you to a new weekly series.
Who wore what continues the flavor and style that I published with the 2010 Momentum Magazine "What to Wear" printed column which, its on-line archive completion of the number of columns wrote and photo'd should be up soon. Hope you enjoy this new series, and if you have any submissions, questions and of course fotos, feel free to share them either bikesandthecity[at]gmail or the social networks.
This is not necessarily about being chic or into fashionable things or trends, but if you want, it can be.
It is about being yourself, what works for you and what makes you comfortable, confident and happy to ride your bike!
And off we go with the first set:
- - - -
Calitexican and Michelle are ready to ride in the rain
Why this works: Boots are essential in San Francisco's moody weather. Rubber rain boots or
classic long black boots will keep you dry and warm. Say cheese!
Where: La MissiĆ³n

- - - -
Bamboo bike!
Why this works: It's a bamboo bike! and he nicely posed to let me take his picture. Sharp casual. I'm also a huge fan of solid simple fun watches. Who wears watches? Cool peeps who don't depend on cellphones! Plus points.
Where: Polk street.

- - - -
Alan. (Sept. 2010)
Why this works: It was a pretty hot that day. (SF hot: 85°F) A light shirt and jeans are post-work happy hour and ready to go.
Where: Outside the Boom Boom Room. The Fillmore.

- - - -
sweeney's earned sticker
Why this works: Ortlieb bags are waterproof, sticker-collection friendly, and they pretty much fit everything.
Where: Sweeney while riding butterlap. I think it would be weird to see him without it.

- - - -
with Arena =)
Arena and I meet for coffee. Taken by el Richie.
Why this works: Work, play and coffee time in between, layers are key. I don't know what Arena's coat brand is or which fabric/material it's made of, but it I like it! Looks super cozy, maybe it is also weather-proof and it is a nice olive green color that combines with everything. Even with the colorful citrus punch troll standing next to her =)
Where: Coffee bar, Mission district.

All fotos are in San Francisco and taken by yours truly, unless otherwise noted. And if so always credited.


  1. Happy new year Meli.. sorry for the late wishes.. Take care my friend.. cheers from Malaysia :)

  2. Who else wears a watch? Cyclists that put their cell phones away while riding, but still feel a need to know what time it is on occasion. Besides, what are cell phones good for other than cruising the Internet anyway?

  3. Why this work? A very good point. So many people ask me about what I wear on my bike, as if not wear recreational biking get-ups is inconceivable. I like the recommendation about the boots and it reminds me that I have no idea what weather I should prepare for on on early March SF trip.

  4. Brilliant!! LOVE the rainboots, and love the layers! This gives me ideas! Thanks!

  5. rezdrake/ hey great to hear from you! happy 2011 =)

    Steve A/ indeed. I feel out of sync without mine. it lso has a light that comes in handy more than often

    she rides a bike/ right?! yes, it becomes 2nd nature to me as I'm used to the multiple thoughts that come into a matter of a few minutes in the morning. For example - work>play>morning>late>night>fog>dealing with the workplace AC>weather. in SF is so hard to predict the change and pace within a day, that we naturally become masters of the layering science. Will perhaps dedicate a tips/things for your visit in march and post it up later this month. How's that? ;-)

    anything FANM/ oh right?! -- absolutely, anytime!


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