Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Heritage general store in Chicago

Dear Heritage bicycles;
meli caffeine grosa – pleasure to meet you.
Coffee runs in my veins and once I find myself in Chicago, I'll make sure I spend some time at this shop. Possibly go live there, right between the espresso machine and the truing stand.

To be honest I do miss Portland's Stumptown coffee in San Francisco, as many coffee shops that used to carry it have switched to local Bay Area roasters, which is great and all, but it is good to mix it up once in awhile. Anyways, looks great and its vibe seems light and genuine. Can't wait to visit.

I came across the above video via the All Plaid Out blog. Check out the rest of the article here: Heritage Bicycles
Speaking of Chicago, my bloggie amiga Dottie recently posted a nice post at LGRAB as well: Convert your skirt
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  1. Please, please, please come visit Chicago! I have a spare bedroom and bike ready for you, only a few blocks from Heritage. :)

  2. Dear Meli,

    Should we prepare the cot in the basement?

    1. as you can see I was fast to fall in love with your store <3
      thx so much for stopping by :)) xxoxoxoox

  3. Stumptown is awesome but if you ever come to Portland you should check out Courier Coffee. They have a coffee shop downtown right by Powells books, but they deliver all their coffee for wholesale accounts by bike! And their stuff is delicious.

    1. oh i would love to check it out, thx anna for the heads-up!

      of course stumptown i just know from knowing coffee in SF.
      that said, I'm keeping your suggestions, one of my good friends just moved there, so maybe you'll spot a pdx spot in the near future :) stay in touch xxo


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