Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Seksi talk: falafel sandwich

Sexier than any posted outfit, images of food or surfing the blogesphere is knowing where to actually eat. And letting your friends know. That continues to be the most efficient way of reputation for a business, in my personal opinion.

Not too long ago I found myself with my lunch partner in crime for the day, roaming the south of market area on a busy lunch-time rush, asides the strong smell of pavement on Folsom street.

The deli board of SF
1058 Folsom
website | twitter

This is hands-on the best sandwich I've had in awhile and very filling. I also like the place because it has a bunch of meat options and the veggie options are not huge, but the ones they have are delicious. It makes a great meat lover/vegetarian lunch date option.
On a visual musical note, they have nice large photos hanging on their walls and a record player.

Speaking of meats, while waiting for our order we met the Pastrami King, and nicely enough he let me capture his foto (thanks Teddy!). How 'bout that.
Check out his blog here: Pastrami Blog.

I don't always have mi camera during lunch time, neither do I use my phone at all while food or friends are present for lunch time. Food is the best part of my day and I dedicate my undivided attention to it. It is one of my biggest pet-peeves as some of you know, but there are always exceptions. I had to document and share.

The only other falafel pita I have been loyal to for years is Vivi's in Cupertino, but since I don't find myself circling the infinite loop often at all, it remains a go-to spot for short trips between the city and San José/Cupertino area (it is about 1/2 mile west from deAnza college).

Clockwise: half of my falafel sandwich across the street (with the basketball courts, Victoria Manalo Draves Park) / the record player, flowers +menu behind the counter / the Pastrami king, and he has a sandwich named after him  :)

Have you had their sandwiches? Do you have any fave spots in the area?

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Like all my posts, this is an unpaid/non-sponsored post.
This is a labor of love and entirely powered by curiosity and wanderlusting in San Francisco.
And often a hungry belly.

Thanks for reading.


  1. a record player? you mean like a phonograph? cool shot - i've been meaning to taste a true Mexican (real sugar) Coke but have yet to - hear it tastes like Coke when we were (60's) kids. lurve me some pyramidal wooden cool ring action... <3 u meli...

    1. your comments are the best, they always make me smile.
      miss u let's hang out sometime soon <3 u2 xxo


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