Monday, February 4, 2013

mucha música Monday

Here Comes the Sun: flash mob
Found this very amusing, music does bring people together. I always thought that live music could make hospitals and senior centers better. This is a flash mob in Spain's unemployment office:
"Spanish radio show Carne Cruda 2.0 decided to surprise an unemployment office with a nice rendition of The Beatles’ Here Comes The Sun." -via TheStrut

Rhianna's "Diamonds" cover by Black Simon and Garfunkel aka The Root’s Captain Kirk Douglas and Questlove 

SLV: Enough
The vocalist and front woman of Pistolera Sandra Lilia Velasquez (*90's alert: not to be confused with SWV...) has released a new single, I like her voice and lyrics better in Spanish with that fun mariachi sassy tone accompanied by her band but the song 'Enough' presents a rather mellow and poetic tone.

Life & Limb: Fingers Fall
A tranquil tone to a possible analysis of the principles or procedures of imagining your fingers fall. The opposite melody I could imagine to go with that, but a great effect on the juxtaposition of trippy images and any limbs falling off, I guess.

Crystal Castles: Plague
I forget how I came across this video, but it reminds me of Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. 

Bonobo: Cirrus

and behold. Caterina Fakeone of my creative mind top role models and women-in-tech idols– is back to blogging. Not that she had stopped (her blog began in 1998) but glad she is "back". Anyways, you can find all kinds of awesome optimistic writings and curiosity finds over at, which is where I found the below two:

Hope you are having a good Monday – and who wouldn't, after seeing Beyoncé rule the universe.
What an amazing woman, performer, everything.
The 49ers didn't win, but the halftime show (and Jennifer Hudson, looking fantastic) was a super win. Head over to read Beyoncé's blog and ogle over the see her posted images from yesterday's game. Right now:

// Previously: Images from her lone star home state: Beyoncé riding a bike in Marfa, Texas.


  1. Digging Tune-Yards!
    Thanks for another Musica Monday. My favorite way to ease into the work week

  2. i know your musica mondays don't always feature bikes, but i found one with a cyclist in it at the 2:08 mark in a Luther Vandross video (Never Too Much): Also it is radly 80s.

    1. 80s at its finest! such a cool suave rider


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