Tuesday, February 5, 2013

National Library Day: Part 1

1988 // Mi BFF and I at the library

National Library Day is this Saturday, February 9th.
To celebrate my love of books and libraries, I'm dedicating a quick series of posts on a few San Francisco libraries and coffee shops within walking distance from them, of course.
Above is a polaroid foto taken in 1988 with my BFF Fernie. We were inseparable.

To view the maps you may have to zoom out a click or two. Not sure if the embedded map shows a bit out of proportion. Anyways, let's begin the mini-series with the Northside:

Marina branch bike racks

Marina branch 1890 Chestnut street
✖  Recommended coffee to walk to: 
Well, the library is surrounded by the Moscone Rec center and park, additionally I recommend Rapha Cycle Club at the corner of Filbert Street +Fillmore // Four Barrel coffee
  Extra tip: Rapha's new parklet is a groovy addition to the neighborhood.

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Views and racks
On my to 'get back to' list.
1Q84 is on my 'to-get-back-to' list. 
Casitas in front of the library
Casitas +a vespa in front of the library.

Golden Gate Valley branch 1801 Green street
✖  Recommended coffee to walk to: 
Blue Fog market on 2567 Gough street // Blue bottle coffee
  Extra tip: Allyne Park is a public park that could easily double as a secret garden, huge trees and quiet benches to eat your lunch, drink a little coffee or travel with your book.

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I have been to all libraries in San Francisco, except the Bayview (new one!) after a 2-year long renovation it's opening its doors on February 23rd.

How do you like these coffee+book walking recommendations?
I'd love to hear your favorite branch or stories. More coming up later this week.


  1. this is great - I love it!! your own personal perspective and twist with great pictures. yay for reading! I am in the last pages of Norwegian Wood...shhh...don't tell me the end!

    1. thanks Sig! +oh how cool :)) I get so excited when people are into Murakami, his work is quite something.

  2. I love this post! I'm a well caffeinated librarian and I love to see this sort of mad love from library patrons!

    1. it is so great to hear from a librarian y caffeinated! AWESOME, thank you Saramonella :)

  3. Inspiring that you have been to all the libraries in ESF.

    Been to many in Oakland, but not all. Always like going to a new one.

    1. thanks as always Andy! I very much enjoy catchin up on your tweets, dispatching from the east bay :)


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