Thursday, February 7, 2013

National Library Day: Part 2

National Library Day is this Saturday, February 9th.
To celebrate my love of books and libraries, I'm dedicating a quick series of posts on a few San Francisco libraries and coffee shops within walking distance from them, of course.
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Continuing the mini-series of San Francisco Library posts, we move onto two of my favorite branches: the Castro and the Presidio. The latter, is actually not in the Presidio per se, but a few blocks from its Presidio Blvd. southwest entrance.

Library posts
Youth and Harvey, live forever.
Youth and Harvey, live forever.
Eureka Valley library
Castro flavor.
Spikes! I super LOVE this coffee shop so much. 

Eureka Valley branch
16th street between Noe +Sanchez.
✖  Recommended coffee to walk to: 
Spike's on 4117 19th Street at Castro // Mountanos brothers coffee from South City (*I think)
  Extra tip: Castro theatre, cable cars, people watching. Have a cocktail at Twin Peaks, they are known for their Irish Coffee.

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Market street
The view from Market street at dusk.
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Library posts
In the image above, the top view is from Sacramento street, bottom view with Sutro tower sighting on the upper right, is from Clay street.
Presidio library racks
Presidio library bike racks, yarnbombed.
Presidio library racks
Info on SFPL Green stacks programs.
Jane Cafe on Fillmore.

Presidio library
3150 Sacramento street
✖  Recommended coffee to walk to: 
Jane at 2123 Fillmore // Stumptown coffee
  Extra tip: If you walk towards Fillmore on Clay instead of Sacramento, Alta park is a pretty sweet spot of the Northside too find a bench and take in the often foggy views of the City.

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alta plaza park
View from Alta park just above street level. The more you go up, the more you see.

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How do you like these coffee+book walking recommendations so far?
I'd love to hear your favorite branch or what books you are currently reading.
More coming up later this week, and perhaps next.

// See the previous set, The Marina and Golden Gate branches here: National Library Day: Part 1


  1. Wow I love your pristine shots Meli--it all looks beautiful!

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