Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I wish I was a little bit taller

The Golden State Warriors: my team.
They are the biggest underdogs +as of last night, they have made it to the NBA playoffs for the 2nd time in 19 years. That's true underdog, true fan speak. It is the first pro team that I saw in person in 1994 vs. the Clippers (I do have some dribbles/autographs on a mini-poster somewhere).
Fast forward to adult-hood, here are a couple of pictures I dug out from a pre-game shoot around just a bit before anyone would even suspect they'd make it to the playoffs +be part of the historical biggest upset series ever in 2007 vs Dallas. That was awesome.
Al Harrington, Matt Barnes and Monta Ellis.
There goes the razor aka Ralph Barbieri, I was too shy to say hi when I saw him upclose.
That's me 6/7years ago with tony.psd. He makes crazy cool signs +shirts you can often spot on CSN or TNT broadcasts.
Fear the beard aka Baron Davis +the WEBELIEVE team.

mucha música miércoles
This past Wednesday @eltejano posted an ode to mucha música Mondays while I was deep in Marchmadnesslandia. The end of the tournament was super fun to watch, except for the broken leg, but what a championship game! As I (+Ratta +Fidel) had predicted, Louisville won the men's title. I have been doing college ball brackets constantly since the year the fab five rocked the tv sets +as a prepuberty youngin' all I wanted to do was play for Pat Summit's lady vols (true story).

Anyways, music +basketball are two lifelong passions. I love sharing music, learning about new bands +revisiting past beats, so connecting with you all that share the same interests is pretty rad. Thanks!

Here are a few good ones el tejano (*note: a spurs fan) shared last week. BTW Vicentico, voice to Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, is just like good old wine even after his belly flop in that video. Damn…
Kenneth's Rants and Other Things:
L I N K Um Pouco de Musica

San Francisco has won 2010 +2012 World Series, My Oakland A's won the AL West last year, 49ers in the Super Bowl, Sharks doing their rockstar thing +now the DUBS in the playoffs, it –has been– an amazing time in the last few years for Bay Area sports.

I LOVE my basketball. Oh, +I once high5'd Steve Kerr.

OK, that's all for now.


  1. I've been asterisked!
    -a Spurs fan

  2. I was at the B-Diddy dunk on AK47 game. I lost my voice after my 10 minute Dragonball-Z rage. LOL. Lehhhhgooo Dubs!!!

    1. owl boogie: that is AMAZING! legendary dunk omg
      did you see bdizzle was recently at a game. that team was so much fun xxom


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