Monday, April 8, 2013

Mucha música Monday: cholos, rolas y photography

Cholo adventures: That Foo Stole my Bike (part 1)
Aw, brand new bike. From Toys R Us. These cholitos are silly fun.

Shinning Soul: Get up
Phoenix Hip Hop duo, Shining Soul, drops their first single 'Get Up' of their next full length project, Sonic Smash.
“Young, gifted and brown…” found via the PhoenixSpokesPeople on FB

Kid Frost: This is for la raza
Shinning Soul mentions a Kid Frost line in the above song, so for reminiscing youth beats where we puberty chicas would be just calling everyone estupidass baboso. Here it is.

Kinto Sol: En mi lowrider
Keep those ranflas brincando.

- - -
Eriberto & Estevan Oriol
via carmichaelgallery

Eriberto & Estevan Oriol
The Los Angeles chicano roots run deep in culture, community and the arts. Amongst one of my biggest inspirations to take black and white photography courses after high school was Eriberto Oriol. His son is also a photographer, and I didn't learn about an exhibit they had together until just recently “Like Father, Like Son” (October 2011, Culver City). Pretty rad.

As a California native, it has been great to learn about Chicano artist and pioneers that have paved the way and become influential for generations to come; for example in the video below, Eriberto mentions the moment when he realizes the power his photography had during the movement of his community uprising in Barrio Logan, just south of downtown San Diego.
He is a legendary artist I admire, and hope you enjoy his work.

Here are two brief videos about him, by his son Estevan.

// Eriberto Oriol & Estevan Oriol
(blog / instagram) & (blog / instagram)

Los Angeles and San Diego are quite different from Northern California but they are no less beautiful and rich in culture, with deep Chicano history and movements.
I love my homestate; from Tijuana to the Bay.

zapp y roger
Zapp y Roger, pasted outside Emmy's spaghetti shack in Bernal Heights.

ay te wacho.


  1. En mi lowrider with the the spokarinas.

    1. bet u looking like a fine jaina taming those youngin cholitos en el jay si si


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