Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring hiatus.

spring hiatus

Raw week. Few yes+no decisions taken, a new design position offered, a work summit w/grade school kids, a goodfriend lost his mom to long cancer battle.

LIFE is fragile.
Somedays are tremendous; often sad, often joyful. Often both. What a mysterious ride.

Taking a short time off from the blog +sharing fotos to embrace changes +some time off social media.
Will be back in about a month, happy mother's day, and will be watching my Warriors rocking the basketball playoffs.

See you all in late-May.
Much love -xxomeli


  1. Take care of yourself, we'll be here waiting patiently for your return!


  2. I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago, but I already love it - so take care and see you soon!

  3. Te mando abrazotes fuertes y feliz mayo!
    http://youtu.be/rYxsucvJPRM in the month of may!!! hehe

  4. Enjoy your break. Recharge! See you on your return.

  5. Chica! Get that job, you never know! I started my freelance work, I then got offered an amazing job, I took it and one year on I never looked back! Tanti baci! A presto :D LC xxx

  6. Hello beautiful friend. Thanks for your sweet father's day comment. Your blog re-design is GORGEOUS by the way, I really like it. Thinking you should write a book or something called "What A Mysterious Ride"...

    love to you,
    Mary Jo


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