Monday, June 24, 2013

Velcro lessons

v e l c r o
Things I've learnt from mi cat, velcro.
x | Sleep plenty
x | Groom often
x | Absorb some sun, squint.
x | Frequent naps
x | Stretch often

- - - - -
It has been a good 2 months off-writing posts y fotos, and it has been a nice break. Took a complete month+ off twitter recently, the social platform I tend to use most, and that was nice as well.

Slow, mellow – here we go.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Sounds like a pretty good plan. Though if I were to follow my own cat's behavior, I would also run crazily all over our apartment every night, which might get annoying for our downstairs neighbor :)

  2. Bienvenida!
    You are not sure what's coming next, but you need to be open minded and welcome anything.
    No mucha musica Monday?
    Take care. Bye.

  3. Black kitties are certainly the best. I love my (not so) little baby so much. Their charcoal fur is always so luxurious!

  4. ps. let's meet up for coffee one of these days!

  5. Velcro is the best name and good advice too, I need more sun!

  6. GREAT photo of Velcro, and a GREAT name for a clingy cat!


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