Friday, May 22, 2015

already ready for the 3-day weekend

gwsf 10th anniv

hello friends of the internets.
looking forward to a memorial day weekend of pizza, cafecito, the dubs (nba: golden state warriors for mi fellow non-sports readers) and some beisbol.
books, couch, cat, more coffee and mi mom. it will be mellow great.

last week a flickr group celebrated its 10th anniversary. we gathered at the irish bank which I hadn't been since a few weeks after turning 21. pretty cool to see long-time flickr friends and all.

that same evening and way before midnight, I took a walk up to north beach and it was very quiet at some corners, and then very lively at the next. every time.
night walk to city lights

then walked into city lights to finally get my copy of Rad Women A-Z published by city lights themselves.

have a great weekend.


  1. Loved seeing you at the Guess Where thing, Meli. Well, heck, I always love seeing you, so that should go without saying. But still. Big hugs and stuff, my friend.

    1. samesies erik =] so nice of you. and thanks!


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