Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Project BikeWay

How cute is the wonderful Tim Gunn and Portland's finest Leanne in a tandem bicycle??? This was part of the final couple of episodes from this season's Project Runway, which has been more about the drama and emotional breakdowns than actual vava-boom executions.
Oh so cute! and what about a matching helmet? Adorable. Ride on Tim y Leanne!

**update (for Yokota y friends/ This happened upon the finalists working on their final collections. Tim Gunn visited the final 4 in their homes to review before they show the dresses to the judges. Only 3 would go to the final.
The decision came upon judging a wedding dress (Leanne's was beautiful!!) and a bridesmaid dress (Kenley's I'd wear!).
So there are 3 left, all women (about time!! the last few Project Runway winners have been male designers...) and the final episode is next Wednesday. My fave is Leann (I'm in love with this and this dress) but honestly I can see me wearing most of Kenley's dresses. She is good. Read more here


  1. is there video anywhere of him riding around? he was so cute and smiling, but he also did MUCH better than he did on ice skates from the santino season. guess he can't exactly do tandem ice skating ;)

  2. A video would be uber cute!
    yeah I agree, but still you cant beat the catwalk trot with fierce tranny!! ;-)

  3. I uploaded the clip...


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