Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bikes and the mollusks.

tipping point

Over the weekend I stopped for a quick look inside Mollusk Surf shop in the outer sunset.
I love surfshops, though I've never been a surfer. Not sure why, since I have never lived further than 6 miles from the ocean. Not everybody from California is a surfer right, that's why we got bikes. and skateboards. and Tony Hawk.

Anyhow – I could spend hours at this place. Great visual eye candy, staff is very nice, books, zines and little surprises in every wall :)

nemo's bay area connection

plants y parking
And stepping outside the mollusk world and onto the beach. Yes, in San Francisco we have beaches. Not as pretty and sunny as the ones you see on TV, or in the Southern end of our state, but rough, cold mean waters with heavy needles known as heavy misty fog. Beautiful in a very unique way. Only crazy ocean adventurers dare. Try putting your feet in. Oh yea.

oh surfers. how I love thee


  1. Sometimes I forget that San Fran is right on the beach. :)

  2. I feel so sorry for tourists who think staying at the beach sounds wonderful until they get to their hotel.

    That said, I love our frigid beach. A few weeks ago, it was even warm enough to put my feet in.

  3. Surrounded on three sides. we are a peninsula.

  4. third pic is really cool since it has some contrast sense there, plants, bikes VS cars

  5. Dottie/ oh yea, beach=bonfires with 2349823 layers on...

    ridin pretty/ ;) love them!!

    Lilia/ yes, or worst yet, our infamous lovely summertime

    Ade/ fog, one way streets and more fog. repeat +rinse

    kakikera/ plants (not to mention bikes) have such nice effect on one's aura and energy!! <3thanks for stopping by


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