Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Friday! Basket chronicles.

-Stuck at traffic-

-Peaceful at traffic-

-Happy to be traffic-

Have a great weekend everybody!!! ♥xo.m


  1. Happy Week end to you Meli :) Hope you get to have a wonderful time cycling in your beautiful city :D L ♥

  2. :D Thanks Lorenza!! Greetings across the globe <3

  3. Aaahh, if only the baskets could talk! Maybe it is better that they don't ; )

  4. Fun picture series. It's great to see how many other cyclists are on the road with you there!

  5. hi! love your blog. i love biking around the city and love the pics that you take. subscribing now! :)

  6. Ade/ yeah, those baskets do see a lot...

    Dottie/ thanks luv! it's a great feeling when you don;t roam alone :D

    JB/ I see you are a traveler, I'll check on ur site often – thanks so much for your nice comments & stopping by ;)


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