Monday, September 14, 2009

The last Sunday Streets of 2009.

Rental bikes for everyone, at no charge. (early Am unloading)
One week ago on Sunday, Sept. 6th, was the closure of Sunday Streets. Not an end, but the beginning to more and more acceptance in modifying, viewing the way we live and share a city, our community, as a better place for everybody. And making it happen.

Pannier wisdom.
Ocean beach might not be a popular destination, even to locals, but roaming around the highway in such a calm fashion, was great. The fog was thick and the flow was not as intense as say, 24th street a few weeks ago on a mid 70s weather, but this is our summer. Fog, many layers and late Sundays.

Lilia & friend.

Say hi to Robert and his creations, OB designs. No website yet, but you can catch him anyday around OB :)

I left at around noon. Caffeine tank was running on E. It picked up after that. It was after all a Sunday.
Even though it was the last one of the year, it was a beautiful feeling. When you know something i up. The momentum will not stop. That, this opening (rather than 'closing') the streets, will continue and that it will happen more often because everyone benefits from it.
Drizzling misty needles from the sky, bikes, skates, kids, runners, families, couples, everybody you and the beach. Now which one would you rather see? High beams or bike lights?:

Pre-highway closure.

This will one day be a bicycle blvd.


  1. How cool! I like the fact that there were lots of loaner bikes available. That's a great way to attract new riders.

  2. Yes! I couldn't agree more. It was so much fun to witnessed the excitement of not being excluded because you didnt own a bike. This loaner idea did make many very happy ;)


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