Monday, September 14, 2009


Michael shares this interesting read from the NYtimes, check it out: City Room: The Doctor is out... read more
On that same note, Michael from Bike Nopa is organizing a block party, Sept 27th, I will post a link with their flyer closer to the date, but just heads up so you all mark calendar, we are headed to the NOPA area, okay :)

My colleague sent me this. She knew it would make me smile ;)
via designboom_coffee cup holder for bikes by paulbaut

'ring-o-star' coffee cup holder by paul kweton

Mad props to my boy JAY over at Little Star, for such excellence in service.
Tell him I say hi, if you get a chance go have a pie over at their Divis. location. I enjoy myself everytime and love going with my peeps & this last week was no exception. My camera was out of juice, but here is a picture of us about 3.5 years ago. Good times – cheers!

Daniel-my partner in geek crime, muffin, (I forget whose blue hand that is) & me, probably looking for my dead cellphone /Littlestar March 2006

Thanks to Jon for the link to this fascinating video recommended by a friend of his (though, no bikes - he is quite accurate, I'm loving this!)

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