Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bike chats: Bike to work day, early edition.

Linden at quarter after 7AM
volunteers are awesome!! this station is at Civic Center, 7AM - ROCK ON!!

oh hai. im cute. and stuff.
the CTX
7:10 AM - May 13th San Francisco, Califas.
ding ding
ding ding
(bikes uTurn- swooooooon.)
- sup
- sup
- got coffee
- oh, got to get some
- ok, you heading to work?
- yea, you heading to volunteer, then work?
- yea
- rockstar.
- tsssss
- ok we talk soon.
- okthxbye
Perhaps the earliest morning quick conversation to date between the Calitexican and the Meligrosa.
Then coffee. Then bikes. and more bikes.
early pirate
Market street and I in the early times last week. Thanks J for the photo. A tad quiet for 8AM, but it sure picked up.


  1. Wow.. how i really wish if my place could have those things during bike to work day.. unfortunately ..we dont have any of that.. feels like the usual day ride to work.. anyway.. happy Bike to work to you melissa.. Take care.. happy riding cheers from Malaysia

  2. We have BTWD in (and bike month) June, here in Colorado. That's okay by me, every day id BTWD for me!

    Once again: Love those boots!

  3. The red bike in the CTX photo looks like it could be the frenchie's cousin :)

  4. @san smith: joanie baby is frenchie's english friend. these two bici chicas like to have free flowing borders, so they like to hang out and say ssssssup and talk about bells, baskets and fenders whenever their owners are talking about stuuuuuufffff (something like, coffee! tea! coffeeeeeee!!! NOOOOO! SQ TEA!! --repeat--). :D

  5. riezal/ it is great to hear from you!! :D
    glad your blog has grown so much, also keep riding - maybe you can start organizing your friends into some morning coffee or tea? that would be fun

    Jon/ you know - yes my peeps and i are always riding, but it is also inspoiring to see people being curious and doing it so on the day that there are crazy amounts of people out. it's pretty cool and getting a baggie and some goodies is not bad either, the local SF Bike coalition puts a tremendous amount of effort into these things :D

    san/ thanks luve, the calitexican's bike and mine are super euro pals. those nutty basket mixtes sure get around <3

    ctx/ sssssup, sup SQ SUUUUUUP
    besos y babas

  6. oh, another thing we be tawlkin' 'bout while frenchie & joanie baby are catching up: beer:30? ah si. chelachelachela. coffee, tea? the debate goes on. once the afterwerky hours rolls in, we can agree: beer is best.

  7. I love Breakfast Stop day during Flag's Bike to Work Week. Unfortunately, there isn't a stop on my route since I changed jobs. I am determined to change that next year for the people on the west side cannot be ignored! I want my bagel.

  8. yeah! wat up with that?!
    no bagel - no work! je jeee :D

    hope the weather has gotten better out there lovely! xxo.


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